Marketing on a Tight Budget

The Facebook Hack Guide

Get clear on your values and the unique contribution you are here to uniquely bring to the world

🌟Discover your message and brand on a deeper level than ever before

🌟Practice getting visible in a safe space where you will be supported and celebrated for taking courageous action

If you're like the thousands of emerging online entrepreneurs out there ...

⭐️ You’re getting stuck with your content creation
⭐️ You’re holding something back from your audience
⭐️ You lack clarity on your brand, zone of genius and vision
⭐️ You struggle to stand out from the noise online
⭐️ You’re not consistently generating traffic, leads, and sales
⭐️ You're tired of being ignored and invisible

Then these 5 Days are designed for you to get unstuck from the old patterns of hiding!!

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Maria Fontana
Maria Fontana
Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Coach & Guest Speaker

About the instructor

 Maria Fontana is a published Author, Educator, Guest Speaker, Board Member Of NJSBCHS,  Entrepreneur, Mom and  Life Coach with over 25 years experience in healing, listening and mentoring her clients and students.  My passion is helping people become the best version of themselves. All while  discovering their own beauty,  power and potential to be truly authentic, happy and successful while thriving in  a passionate, purpose filled life and career.  

What's included?

7 Videos
4 Texts
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