Maria Fontana

Maria Fontana Business Academy

A Fusion Between Strategy, Spiritual Guidance, Siren Sales And A Little Bit Of Magic. If You Want To Leap Into 6 Or 7 Figures And Beyond, With Badass Strategy And A Splash Of Grace


Online Business Academy

Learn to create a new stream of income for your business with less stress and create more profits. Excellent for coaching,consulting and mentoring online businesses.


How to Start and Scale an Online Coaching/Consulting Business

You will learn how to bring your business online and lay a strong foundation for a 6 figure income as a coach,mentor or consultant sharing your magic, gifts, skills and life experience.


How To Market Your Business on a Budget

Learn ways to implement marketing strategies on a low or slim budget for any type of business.


Mindset for Success

5 Secrets to Shifting Mindset and Igniting Success


How to Attract More Clients Online

Learn simple ways to optimize your online presence and social media platforms to attract clients effortlessly and on brand.


Simplified Social Media Marketing

Get clear on your values and the unique contribution you are here to uniquely bring to the world 🌟Discover your message and brand on a deeper level than ever before 🌟Practice getting visible in a safe space