Maria Fontana

The Maria Fontana Transformation

A Fusion Between Strategy, Spiritual Guidance, Siren Sales And A Little Bit Of Magic. If You Want To Leap Into 6 Or 7 Figures And Beyond, With Badass Strategy And A Splash Of Grace


Zen and Profits Get Unstuck

Turn your passions into a profitable business, stop living someone else's dream, learn the steps to start and run your own online, at-home or small business. If you are already in business you will learn to monetize your message, talent, and products


Unleash the Magic Money Guide

Three Secrets to achieving the mindset, clarity, and strategy for growing a 6 figure online business.


How To Market Your Business on a Budget

Learn ways to implement marketing strategies on a low or slim budget for any type of business.


Rituals for Igniting the Fuel to Success

5 Secrets to Shifting Mindset and Igniting Success


How to start a beauty business

Become your own boss and create a life of freedom and financial abundance. You can have total control of your schedule, clients, products & your own creative style, without stifling 'team building' and drama. Liberate yourself!


How To Create a Landing Page

How To Cretae an Affordable Online Course