Business Growth Made Easy Is A Fusion Between Strategy, Spiritual Guidance, Siren Sales And A Little Bit Of Magic.

If You Want To Leap Into 6 Or 7 Figures And Beyond, With Badass Strategy And A Splash Of Grace, Then The Monetize Your Mission Is For You. 

Making Money Is A Natural Result Of Aligning With Your Soul Purpose, Implementing Proven Strategies, Owning Your Magic And Unleashing Your Unique Brand Of Service.

You will learn how to bring your business online and lay a strong foundation for a 6 figure income.

Part #1:-

-find your niche, messaging and audience

-create your program

-create your offer

-learn proven strategies to grow a 6 figure income online.

-you will create one offer, one way to sell, one way to deliver, one price. One Simple Way to Optimize Your Business.

-learn online strategies, simple tech, and execution

Then you’ll learn how to utilize the power of strategy and your Intuition to:

-scale your business to 6 figures

-have free time to actually enjoy your success and income on autopilot

-market organically to your ideal audience and create massive impact for those who need your Magic, skills, and expertise

Who is this for:

 Business Owners, Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Entrepreneurs who are working their way to $100k+ online

Praise for this course: See Google, Facebook

About the instructor

Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Coach & Guest Speaker

Maria Fontana

 Maria Fontana is a published Author, Educator, Guest Speaker, Board Member Of NJSBCHS,  Entrepreneur, Mom and  Life Coach with over 25 years experience in healing, listening and mentoring her clients and students.  My passion is helping people become the best version of themselves. All while  discovering their own beauty,  power and potential to be truly authentic, happy and successful while thriving in  a passionate, purpose filled life and career.  

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Your Why

    • Clarity

    • The Why

    • The Who

    • Clarity- Niche Ideal Client Worksheets (1)

    • Your Niche-Zone of Genius

    • Your Niche

    • Business Housekeeping

    • Business Worksheet

    • The Business Plan

    • Business Plan Worksheet

    • Your Special Magic in Your Business

  • 2

    Clarity on Your Magic

    • Mindset

    • Mindset Worksheet

    • Squash The Lack Mindset

    • Squash The Lack Mindset Worksheet

  • 3

    Your Value & Superpower

    • Your Value

    • Your Worth

  • 4

    Creating Your Super Hot Offer

    • Creating an Irresistible Offer

    • The Offer Worksheet

    • Your Offer Ladder

    • The Value Ladder Worksheet

  • 5

    Meditations, Mindfulness and Grounding

    • Lightwork

    • Healing Meditation

  • 6

    On Line Course Creation

    • How To Create a Curriculum

    • Landing Pages

    • Landing Page Worksheet

    • Simple Landing Page Creation

    • How to put your course online

    • Course Creation Workksheet

    • How To Set Up a Thinkific Learning Platform

    • On Line Course Template

    • Check In

    • Checkin Worksheet

  • 7

    Facebook Hacks

    • Optimizing Facebook for Business

    • Optimizing Your Facebook Profile

    • Re-Purposing Your Facebook Lives for Your Business Page

    • How to Master Facebook Lives

    • The Secret Sauce to Getting Engagement

    • Cheat Sheets and Swipe Files for My 6 Figure Marketing Organically

  • 8

    Simple Tech, Even if You are Not Techy.

    • Create a calendly Calendar

    • Time Management

    • Your Schedule

    • Worksheets

    • How to Use Mailchimp (email provider and so much more)

    • Email Templates

    • How to Create a Free Landing Page /Sales Page in Mailchimp

  • 9

    Simple Organic Marketing

    • How To Create High Converting Facebook Lives

    • Worksheet

    • 40 Overlooked Energetic Ways to Grow Your Business

    • Worksheet Download

    • How To Use Google's Free Listing

    • Google Template

    • How To Market Your Business On a Budget

    • How To Market Your Busness On a Budget

  • 10

    Content and Messaging

    • Authenticity

    • Worksheet

    • The Secret To People Listening

    • Worksheet

    • How To Write Compelling Content

    • Worksheet

  • 11

    Ways to Build an Email List

    • 25 Ways to Build Your List

    • Worksheet

    • What is an Opt-In

    • OPtin Worksheet

    • How to Create Great Freebies, optins

    • My Most Popular Freebie

  • 12

    Self Love, Self Care and Being Nice To Yourself!

    • Dissolve Fear Of Judgement

    • Are You Feeling Not Good Enough?

    • Self Care Rituals

    • Love & Light 10 Steps to Spiritual Empowerment in Business and Life

    • How to Deal With Daily Crap

  • 13


    • Useful Business Resources

    • Some Popular Online Business Ideas

    • 6 Things That Will Set Your Business Apart For High End Sales

  • 14

    Email Templates and Swipe Files

    • Coaching Session Email Template Invite

    • 5 Day Nurture Series Email Templates

    • Script for a Live Workshop/Group Event

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